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Imperial Institute of Clinical Research(I.I.C.R) became existent when a pool of think alike and experienced professionals from CR-Industry and education sector came on one platform, discussed, identified and pin pointed the following needs of both the CR-Industry and CR-aspiring students.


    • Time effective Education
    • Experienced, good & approachable faculties
    • Individual attention and development
    • Cost effective Education
    • Conducive atmosphere to study    


Q1: What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is research conducted with human subjects, or material of human origin, in which the researcher directly interacts with human subjects. Clinical research helps doctors and researchers to find new and better ways to understand, detect, control, and treat illness. A clinical research study is a way to find answers to difficult scientific or health questions. For example, the study might explore the best ways to treat people with colon cancer. By studying cancer cells from patients, researchers may be able to determine the specific genetic mutations (changes in gene sequence) that caused the normal, healthy cells to become cancerous, and may help doctors decide on the best drugs to prescribe or surgeries to perform. Clinical research today may help other doctors in the future screen their healthy patients before they ever develop cancer.

Q2: Why is Clinical Research Industry a great field to work?

In the next few years, many key patents will expire and major pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Apotex, GSK etc) will be looking new pharmaceutical products off the laboratory counter and on to the pharmacy shelves. Lot of jobs / opportunities for various professional will be created. This major boom in new pharmaceutical products will occur within the next few years. In order to accommodate this, the pharmaceutical industry is going to switch from pre-clinical research and development to large- Scale Clinical trial work. As such, the industry will observe a atmosphere rocketing demands for research professionals. In depth industry analysis shows that unless serious measures are taken the clinical Trial Sector will face major lack of professionals in the next several years.
Clinical research founds base in a variety of new upcoming fields Nanotechnology, Stem Cell therapies, Biometrics, Booming industry of Devices, Diagnostics & Artificial Organs.

Fields like biotech which is highly hopeful in India & Globally is set to bring market biopharmaceuticals for which there is an expanding base of demand.

Q3: Careers prospects in Clinical Research?

If you have the right educational & training background to enter this industry. List of Sample Positions for Trained & Qualified Professionals within the Biopharmaceutical Industry:

Clinical Research Investigator
Clinical Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Auditor
Clinical Research Associate
Quality control Manager
Business Development Manager
Project Manager
Medical Affairs Manager
Content Development Manager
Medical Writer
Data Manager
Regulatory Affairs Manager
GCP Trainer
Site Development Manager
Good number of freelance working options
Self Employment Options available.

Q4: Need for Training Programs?

1. Presently the demand for trained manpower in the field of Clinical Research is over 10,000 trained personnel per annum.
2. The currently trained manpower coming per year – 1,000 to 1,200 only.
3. The expected trained manpower requirement in the next 5 years is going to be over 50,000 persons.
4. More and more international CRO′s are starting operations in India.
5. Huge gap in Demand & Supply of trained manpower — A huge gap.
6. Most staff is provided on the job training, which wastes critical employer resources and time.
7. Excellent Career Growth.
8. High Annual Salary Growth — 30 to 35% per annum, in comparison to average 15% growth in salaries.

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