Welcome to “IICR”

“Congratulations!!! One more IICRian has been selected in Lambda from AUG 2017 Batch”
“Within 3 months of course, placement for AUG 2017 Batch done…..”
“Congratulations!!! We express our gratitude to Clinnex, Cliantha, Lambda, Sal and CIIMS Hospital to believe in our efforts and providing opportunities to our students to prove the learning!!…..

Imperial Institute of Clinical Research(I.I.C.R) became existent when a pool of think alike and experienced professionals from CR-Industry and education sector came on one platform, discussed, identified and pin pointed the following needs of both the CR-Industry and CR-aspiring students.


  • Time effective Education
  • Experienced, good & approachable faculties
  • Individual attention and development
  • Cost effective Education
  • Conducive atmosphere to study     [scroll-down-popup id=”1″]

Potential Recruiters