The directors of ‘I.I.C.R’ having investing an average of 18 years into the Industry, envision for a place where the latent ability every budding professional can be identified and polished by experienced hands, so that confidence level of each student can reach to a level through which he/she may take up every challenge of their life (not only in Clinical Research) with great zeal and enthusiasm and not through any fear.

The worthy directors of ‘I.I.C.R’ also envision this institute to be a platform where not only the brilliant students but also average ones can be developed to achieve the heights which once they dream of.

Moreover, as our directors believe that ‘I.I.C.R’ can be developed into a forum where the academia and the experience of the industry can meet, discuss the current issues, design and develop strategy or design the required so as the Industry may get the quality professionals who will contribute the best into the smooth growth of the Clinical Research in India.