This 24-week program provides a comprehensive understanding of the drug development process from drug discovery to protocol development, data management to clinical trials.

This program examines the many details that must be considered in the clinical research process, including Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and corporate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Students gain practical knowledge about the complex interrelationships between sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), the FDA, site management organizations (SMOs), and investigative site staff.

IICR follows a holistic 360 degree teaching methodology containing a comprehensive industry oriented course-curriculum along with practical hands on training. We believe that it is a combination of theory and practice that fully prepares our students to meet the high industry standards in this era of globalization.


Besides training the students thoroughly in the theoretical aspects of their chosen field, IICR applies special focus on challenging the students to develop their practical skills. Our class projects are aimed at developing the leadership potential of our students. Students are involved in diverse activities such as organizing debates and discussions, undertaking field projects, seminars and conferences as well as initiatives such as individual and group presentations. 

IICR has the right blend of Academicians, policy makers, administrators and managers to deliver knowledge, skills and first hand know-how of the corporate 

The IICR “ IMPACT ” Cell

The IICR IMPACT Cell is a unique initiative that caters to enhancing the communication, presentation and public-speaking skills of our students.

Personalized Attention

The unique Mentor-Mentee Concept at IICR ensures a constant interaction between the faculty and the students. A faculty member is assigned to a group of 8-10 students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. Their experience will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be a corporate success.
At IICR, you will never feel away from home. If you encounter any problem during your tenure concerns about course work or personal / emotional problems, our trained counselors will be there for you, as your confidantes and true friends.

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