While briefing about my experience in IICR, I would love to share that the academic is really excellent and very much help full in building my confidence. The whole journey of 3 month academic is full of knowledge sharing among teachers and the students.

As soon as I had completed my academic my resume was selected for CDM as a data process at TCS (GSK-CDM)

I carry all the efforts which were taken for me by my institute (IICR) to the TCS and it was appreciated by the organization’s lead trainees and  team lead.

After entering in to TCS, I was welcomed with in my group/team. What all I was teached here, I implemented there and at the end I am success in gaining good relation within the organization.

Name- Sneha

Name of organization  -TCS (GSK-CDM as a Senior Process Associate).


Before the coming to IICR, I was afraid to speak on the stage & I had a stage fear. But from the time I passed from the IICR it’s to realize that my confidence is very improve on the stage to speak.

Really want to give good appreciation to academic teacher of IICR.

I am feeling very happy that in this age, I have TCS because in the TCS all the staff is elder than me.

Thanks to IICR. 🙂

Name- Hiren kumar

Name of organization  -TATA Consultancy Service.


  I am very happy to say that the platform of IICR has helped me to be a part of a renowned CRO like Quintiles

Research India Pvt. Ltd. My experience at IICR is very good. I learned a lot here. And at last I would say that I am very blessed and glad to be a part of IICR.

Name- Nisha Mishra

Name of organization  – Quintiles Research India Pvt. Ltd


A Diamond is simply a stone till, It doesn’t shaped as well as polished.IICR did the same thing for me. Before coming in IICR, I was so upset, without any way, just a wonderer.IICR developed me in many ways either directly or indirectly. But finally, they made me a valuable person.IICR does not provide just a study of clinical research, If you can feel then, it is a whole development of yourself with a study and enjoyment also. A single turn of life makes a huge change, I believe that the IICR is one of that turns of life. Because IICR made the change of my life.


I am, I will always be thankful to IICR.

Name – Manish Chotiliya

Name of organization  – Vibrant Gujarat Project.


After spending 6 month in IICR , I feel very happy here. The all teaching & non teaching staff is very supporting. They provide all facilities to every student. They help me lot for everything here. I improved my English as well as stage presentation. So , finaly IICR is very best institute which guides you & make your dreams true for your bright future.I have done my training in Cilinical Data Managment & SAS software for 3 Months. I am feeling very happy after joining this company & I am working as Jr. Data Analyst in Cognizant Technology Services at Mumbai.

  Name  –  Gajanan Naikwal.

  Name of organisation  –  Congnizant Technology Services.


After the 6 months in IICR , I feel very happy. All member of IICR are very supportive. Here I improved by English and stage activities.I am feeling very well , I am working as Clinical Research Co- Ordinator in Sushrut Hospital, Nagpur.

Name of the Candidate  –  Prashant T. Sharnagat.

Name of the organisation  –  Sushrut Hospital & Research Centre.


It provide a great platform to make us aware of the related fields, things have been done in the Clinical Research. During the training we got the exposure of seeing, and understanding the practically thing have been done in the BA/BE studies. It is a great pleasure to become a part of a TECH OBSERVER PVT.LTD. & I am enjoying that environment.

Name  –  Manish Gour.

Name of Organisation  –  TECH OBSERVER PVT. LTD.


I had good experience while studying at IICR , I got a knowledge of Clinical Research Industry. The requirement and the current guidelines which we have to follow. I got exposure in oncology study conducted in Vadodara.

It was a Bio equivalence study. I feel great to be associated with the Clinical Research Department.

Name  –  Snehal Thampi.

Name of organisation – Wellcare Hospital.


The experience during this course was very good. I got training at very good site where i learned very important aspects of Clinical Research. I had great experience in IICR. I feeling very great & positive after getting placed in Quintiles.

Name  –  Neha Parmar.

Name of Organisation  –  Quintiles Research India Pvt Ltd.


I have spent wonderful time during study, learnt many thing about guidelines, ethics committee, different departments of Clinical Research & how be professional for work. In my training i learnt, to deal with others & how to behave with seniors. I have got an exposure to work with Principle Investigator.

During training i have learnt many things about study/trials & got very supportive response from Mentor.

I am so excited about my job & finding it very interesting & quite challenging.

Name  –  Sonal Patel.

Name of Organization –  Wellcare Hospital.


After the 6 months in IICR , I feel very happy here. All the member of IICR is very supportive , Here I improved by English & stage activities.I am feeling very well. I am working as Clinical Research Co-Ordinator in Dharmshila Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.

Name  –  Anita Singh.

Name of organisation  – Dharmshila Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.


It would be injustice if I failed to appreciate my course in IICR. I would attribute my current position and job to the Advanced Post Graduate Diploma from IICR. The course not just made me industry-ready, but also gave me the edge that others do not have. The curriculum was quite exhaustive and in my opinion, it covered all aspects of Clinical Research, while also giving ample knowledge about the drivers of clinical trials. The course provides hands on practical Training on site. This helped us in exploring newer ideas in all aspects of clinical trials management. I am very content with my experience in IICR and the faculty was excellent in delivering the right knowledge and guidance to us.

Name – Akanksha Kumari

Name of organisation  – Quintiles Research India Pvt Ltd.


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